MEDINA LAMADRID CONSULTORES is constituted by a team of highly qualified professionals thoroughly aware of the difficulty of the business management and business world, in continuous updating and training process, its main professional business asset, which shares with its customers.

Our firm commitment is to accompany the businessman and the current professional on his/her idea implementation, with a constructive vision, constant work, innovation, investment, details, to long and mid-term, watching, offering the most complete range of external services in accordance with their particular needs, through our services integration in your business management process on a direct way and with a personal treatment.

Our company organized in departments allows us a higher specialization in our services, guaranteeing the optimal solution to business problems which our customers entrust us through a careful team work.


  • Collaborate on the planning and execution of taxes, labor affairs and accountant obligations of the company, looking for the optima regulation in force applicability to each company individual situation.
  • Help the businessman on his company adequacy to the current complex business reality.
  • Advise the businessmen on the strategic planning of his/her activity providing a professional highly qualified vision.
  • Cooperate on conflicts resolution which can appear on the different functional areas in the business institution.
  • Plan specific training to improve the knowledge on the varied management areas on behalf of the company personnel.

In conclusion, we compromise with the integral management improvement projects design, implementation and assessing, with the aim of optimizing the business activity evolvement.

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