Let me introduce ourselves with two simple questions: how many times, in the last years, have you heard the words ‘crisis’ and ‘pessimism’?, the written and spoken means of communication remind us the first one and we all feel to be falling into an undesirable situation. Aren’t you tired of that yet? We are and particularly me.

When in 1978 we started our professional career, it was also a year of changes, it was the year of the first big Fiscal Reform, the Democracy Reform, for the professionals and the companies, the rules of the game changed, new labor rules, new taxes, new accountancy,…, but for the optimistic ones like us it was the contrary, a challenge, an opportunity which opened to do different things, learning from the past, but open to the future, that was the spirit of MEDINA LAMADRID CONSULTORES, making something different and special from its daily work.

Let me in the same way to speak to you closely, because YOU and your IDEA, either business or professional, are and it is different to the rest, for MEDINA LAMADRID CONSULTORES, each BUSINESSMEN or PROFESSIONAL are unique, that is why there is not a generalized treatment, for that reason each of our customers have a PERSONAL, UNIQUE and DIFFERENTIATED TREATMENT , where the ADDED VALUE is our motivation, which is based upon real attitudes and aptitudes, and quality at work.

We are certified in ISO 9001 since 2005, with the only aim to try to get the management excellence, but to do so we need YOUR OPINIONS, YOUR COMPLAINTS OR IDEAS, which help us IMPROVE day by day.

For this reason we are insistent on the processes INNOVATION, the TECHNOLOGICAL improvement, a proof of this is our EXTRANET which via WEB lets you make use of our office 365 days, 24 hours, where you have our works stored, with the only finality to feel us by your side at any time, "we work for you and in your behalf", this is our first pillar on which MEDINA LAMADRID CONSULTORES sits.

In the same way, the TEAM MANAGEMENT and the TALENT DEVELOPMENT, is our second motivation, always focused towards change, nothing remains the same, that's why our PROFESSIONALS have constant EDUCATION so our knowledge is updated for you; this is the second pillar of our work, which we also want to share with you with our periodical bulletins, because not only do we have to be well-trained but we also want to share our knowledge with you.

Not forgetting what we want to be: YOUR FISCAL, LABOR, ACCOUNTANT AND MERCANTILE ADVISERS and be CLOSE TO YOU helping you to GROW and to implement YOUR BUSINESS IDEA.


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