If you are going to start a business, we help you develop YOUR IDEA, we want to be part of YOUR SUCCESS, that is why for your first six (6) months of activity our fees will be reduced to 50% and on the following six (6) months, the reduction will be a 15%.  Our services will consist in:

We help you decide the best legal form depending on: We help you look for the best financing for your idea: We inform you about the fiscal and labor aspects which better adapt to your idea
– Business risk. – We accompany you to look for the financing – We deal with the certification reports and the launching
– Investment – Look for guarantees – Taxes
– Shareholders – Official loans – Accountancy
– Fiscal impact – Grants – Salaries and Social Security
– Work impact – Negotiations with suppliers – We keep you informed of all the news
We look for the most optimal and secure legal form for you We look for ways to make your business viable We want you to optimize your resources, according to the Law

If you want to get a quote, go to GET YOUR OWN QUOTE (in spanish) and you will get it immediately.  You can also send us an e-mail to web@medinalamadrid.com explaining your particular case.

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