If you are starting a new project this is the opportunity to have the best help at the best price.
Mercantile advice
Advice on financing
Tax-accountable-labour advice
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In this section dedicated to coworking, Medina Lamadrid Consultores provides a common collaborative space where our customers and partners can share their news, experiences and projects.
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Whether you're starting a new business or growing an existing one, the people you choose to work with can make a significant difference to the success of your business.
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How we work?


SMB Service
Medina Lamadrid Consultores provides SMB with much more than a first level integral advising service; it offers all your business and company documents management.
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Data protection
All the companies and autonomous professionals have to deal with their customers and suppliers data. According to the type of activity, the kind, quantity and sensitivity level of these data can vary.
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Accounts Audits
Medina Lamadrid Consultores through its related auditing company AUDITSUR AUDITORES SLPU, registered under number 065S in the Register of Accredited Accountants.
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Human resources
Another labor area facet is human resources management. A company has not only to look after its contracted personnel but also to manage new staff contracting when necessary.
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Quality ISO standards
The ISO quality system implementation and its later registry by a certified institution, is the best tool to outline the market area in which your company is
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Satisfaction of our clients with the services we offer:

Audit Services
Data protection
Account auditing
Other services
years of experience
Statements made yearly
Payrolls calculated yearly
Hours dedicated to our clients yearly
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What kind of clients does Medina Lamadrid provide service?
Medina Lamadrid attends to all types of clients: from private individuals, professionals, freelancers and SMBs, and even large companies.
Can you advise me on a problem with my personal income tax return?
Yes, the professionals in our tax consultancy department also attend to individuals and self-employed professionals and businessmen. They can prepare your income tax return, or advise you if you have detected any problem with your already filed return. They can also help you by attending to parallel requirements and settlements that may have been sent to you by the Tax Agency.
I want to start a business, can you help me?
Yes, at Medina Lamadrid we also provide commercial services. We can advise you and manage the whole process of the creation of a company (application for a commercial name, preparation of statutes, Notary procedures, inscriptions in the Mercantile Registry, liquidations of taxes of Documented Legal Acts...). In addition, we have a special bonus in our quota for clients who start their activity: the ``Tarifa Emprende``.
Can you help me with an inheritance?
Yes, we have experience in dealing with inheritances and successions. We can give you advice on how to proceed to avoid possible tax problems, and we can also manage the whole process (Notary procedures, Property and Mercantile Registries, liquidation of inheritance tax...).
I need an expert opinion or report for a claim, or for a legal proceeding
Our professionals include accredited auditors and chartered accountants, who can prepare reports, perform limited reviews, complete audits and forensic examinations of accounts; and who can give professional opinion by declaring themselves accredited experts in the conduct of commercial trials.

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