Our accounting consultancy department is composed of professional economists and graduates in finance and accounting, and in constant contact with the tax department. They offer our clients recurrent advice on accounting problems, as well as the possibility of completely outsourcing the accounting of their business.

The basic services we provide to our clients are:

  • Technical advice on accounting issues
  • Planning and implementation of accounting
  • Computerised recording of the accounts
  • Keeping of obligatory books and records
  • Assistance in the Legalization of accounting books
  • Opening and closing of the accounting year
  • Application of pro-rata rule
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual closing financial statements
  • Reconciliation with bank, third parties and taxes
  • Analysis of depreciation and provisions

Additional services can be contracted separately on an ad hoc basis, or added individually to the package of basic services, in order to have permanent access to them:

  • Financial and economic reports
  • Elaboration of Annual Accounts (for business clients)
  • Telematic presentation of Annual Accounts to the Mercantile Registry (for corporate clients)
  • Technical advice on Membership and Minute Books

In Medina Lamadrid we will help you to manage your accounting correctly

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Accounting consultancy


In my business we already do the accounting and invoicing; can we only hire the advice?
For clients who keep their own accounts, our basic services offer is adapted to give you advice and review your accounts, resulting in a lower fee:
- Technical advice on accounting problems
- Planning and implementation of accounting
- Reviewing your accounting and proposing accounting adjustments and reclassifications
- Review of your mandatory books and records
- Assistance in the legalization of accounting books
- Opening and closing of accounting periods
- Application of the pro-rata rule
What is adding additional services to the basic service package?
It consists of hiring one or more additional services along with the basic ones, paying a single fee. The resulting amount is cheaper than a separate contract, especially if these additional services are going to be used frequently.
What is the punctual hiring of additional services?
It consists of hiring an additional service at the precise moment when it is necessary, and only for that occasion. It is paid only once for the specific work carried out, after approving the corresponding previous budget that is prepared for it.
Is it more convenient to incorporate the additional services to the monthly fee, or is it better to contract them separately?
It depends on the foreseeable use you are going to have. If it is likely that you will require one of the additional services frequently, then it will be more practical to have it contracted along with the basic package, with a small increase in the monthly fee, rather than having to be hiring and paying apart from the fee that particular service whenever you need it.
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